Tenant Participation Groups

If you are thinking about starting up a tenants’ group we would like to hear from you. 

 Lochfield Park can; 

  • Advise you how to set up a group, 
  • Help you to arrange meetings,
  • Provide Start Up Grant and Annual Grants, 
  • Put you in touch with workers in other agencies who may be able to help get you started, 
  • Distribute leaflets so that you can let other tenants know about your plans.

Customer Forum

Do you have a few free hours every couple of months and would you like to work with the Association to improve the service that you receive?

We are looking to set up a Customer Forum of our local tenants who are interested in working with us to focus on identifying our tenants’ needs and delivering best service and value possible.

If you would be interested in joining a Customer Forum, please register your details at the office.