Gas Safety 

Lochfield Park will service any gas fires or central heating boilers in your house every year. It is essential that you allow the technicians access to do this work. If you have any gas appliances of your own, e.g. a gas cooker then you should have it repaired and serviced by an approved tradesman. You must check that any tradesman is registered with Gas Safe, a body which approves only properly qualified and trained gas installers.

If you want to install any gas appliance, you must first contact Lochfield Park for permission. It is dangerous (and is unlawful) if you let an unqualified person(s) fit, repair or service a gas appliance.

If you smell gas in your home, you should:

  •                     Put out all cigarettes and other naked lights,
  •                     Switch off all gas appliances,
  •                     Turn the gas off at the mains (the main tap is usually beside your gas meter),
  •                      Make sure you do not turn on or off any lights or other electrical switches including mobile phones(this could cause a spark),
  •             Open windows to allow any gas to escape,
  •                      Phone Transco on the emergency number: 0845 111 999.