Burst/ Frozen Pipes

All of our houses have central heating, there is still the risk of frozen or burst pipes during the periods of heavy frost. Following the few simple steps below should help you to avoid any damage to your home:

  •                   Find out where your main stopcock or tap is,
  •                   Report any dripping taps or running overflows to Lochfield Park so that they can be fixed,
  •                   Always try to keep your home heated to at least 10°C and allow heat to circulate into all rooms,
  •                  If you are going on holiday during winter months it is advisable to leave your central heating on.

Burst Pipes 

  •                   Telephone Lochfield Park for a plumber,
  •                   Turn off the water at the stopcock or tap,
  •                   Switch off your boiler,
  •                   Turn on all taps to empty the water in your pipes,
  •                  If water comes into contact with electrical fittings, switch off the electricity at the mains.

Frozen Pipes

  •                    Telephone Lochfield Park for advice,
  •                    Turn off the water at the stopcock or tap,
  •                    Switch off your boiler,
  •                    Turn on taps at sink, bath, etc,
  •                    Turn on as much heating as you can.