Rechargeable Repairs 

Lochfield Park believes that every tenant is entitled to the benefit of the doubt on at least one occasion. On the first occasion where damage has been caused accidentally then the cost of the repair will not be passed to the Tenant. Recurring accidental damage, however, will be the responsibility of the tenant and will be rechargeable. 

Where damage has been caused wilfully or due to negligence, then the cost will be covered by the tenant. 

Examples of rechargeable repairs include; 

  • Lost keys,
  • No access charge, 
  • Where out of hours calls are made for non-emergency repairs (call out charge),
  • Where the Association has to force entry to carry out statutory repairs eg Gas safety, 
  • Where a vacating tenant leaves items of furniture etc in the property and removal has to be arranged by the Association or where damage has occurred to the property resulting in unreasonable costs to the Association. 

Our Repairs- Who's Responsible Leaflet details what repairs tenants are required to cover and what repairs the Association will carry out. More information on rechargeable repairs can be found in our Maintenance Policy.