Tenant Information Regarding Emergency Repairs Service

With Covid-19 self-isolation cases increasing by the day whether or not it is a diagnosed case or not; or if people are self-isolating for protection against it, employers have a duty of care to protect their workforce.

For these reasons, our emergency and out of hours repairs contractors city building have made the decision that anyone who is self-isolating regardless of confirmed, unconfirmed or personal choice will only receive an emergency repair and this will have to be deemed as “life or limb” emergency. Resources to these Properties will be limited.


  • No Toilet Facilities

  • No wash facilities

  • Water penetration damaging electrical fittings

  • Isolation of dangerous/faulty electrical items

  • FULL Central Heating breakdowns (Electrical or Gas)

  • Serious Concern for tenants/ occupants welfare

City Building’s call centre staff and Out of Hour Emergency Team will be asking tenants/ occupants a series of questions to establish a safe working environment.

If you have a repair to report during office hours please call the office on 0141-771-2228