Rent Review 2023-24 - Tenant Consultation

This is the time of year where housing associations are thinking about their budgets for the next financial year, starting in April 2023, and, as a key part of that, we're starting our consultation with tenants on what level of rent is set from April. The law requires us to do this every year.

You've probably heard that between now and the end of March 2023, all rents – for social housing tenants and for private tenants – have been frozen by the Scottish Government as a result of the cost of living crisis. This hasn’t affected your rent yet, as housing associations only set rents once a year, every March/April.

The Scottish Government will decide on the 14th January 2023 whether housing associations will be allowed to raise rents after March 2023. However, both the Scottish Government and Scottish Housing Regulator have said that housing associations should still carry out our normal consultations with tenants on rents for next year. We will contact you again in the New Year once we know what the Scottish Government has decided.

How will we set your rent for next year?

As you know, housing associations are charities which exist to provide good quality homes at affordable rents. We will always do our best to keep your rents as low as possible.

The cost of living crisis affecting our tenants, and the many inflationary pressures which the association has been facing, make it especially important that our consultation with you finds the right balance between rent affordability and the need to maintain our services and continue investing in our homes. This includes things like replacing kitchens and bathrooms and further improving the energy efficiency of our homes to help limit your energy costs.

Lochfield Park HA has consistently over the last few years maintained rent increases at the lowest level possible and as a result our rents are in the bottom quartile of RSL rents in Scotland.

What should you do next?

Before we make a decision we would like to know your view on rents and what the rent increase should be from 1st April next year?  e.g. should it be 3%, 4%, 5%?

Please complete the cut out section in the form below and return it to the office - Remember, you view is important to us!

Rent Review 2023-24 - Tenant Consultation